Everything about Embedded Development.

Here on EmbeddedFlakes.com you will find many small pieces of embedded systems development. We talk about how, why and what of embedded systems design and development. This includes blogs written by Mohan Vadnere and Mahendra Vadnere.

There is plan to include a community discussion forums where members of the site can discuss about various aspects of embedded systems. Our site focus to attract and facilitate people from science and engineering background. The targeted visitors include electronics engineers, designers, educators and entrepreneurs.

Mohan Vadnere

Mohan is an embedded system engineer by profession. He started his career designing and writing code for consumer electronics, industrial automation and automotive systems. Mohan is working in automotive electronics since last 15 years. He loves working at the hardware software interfaces.

Mohan has Master of Science in Instrumentation from University of Pune and Masters of Technology in embedded systems from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, India.

Mahendra Vadnere

Mahendra has Master of Science degree from University of Pune. He likes to make prototypes. He is very good PCB layout designer. Mahendra worked in automation industry and later moved to teaching. Mahendra loves mentoring engineering students. He is been guiding and mentoring graduate students projects.

Mahendra also loves exploring trading platforms. He is studying and doing personal research in share trading algoritms.