Subversion, also known as SVN, is a version control system that helps manage changes to files and directories. It is commonly used by software development teams to track and control their codebase. With Subversion, multiple people can collaborate on a project, making it easier to merge changes and keep track of revisions.

One of the key features of Subversion is its ability to track changes over time. It keeps a detailed record of who made specific changes, when they were made, and what was changed. This makes it easier to identify and revert any unwanted changes.

Subversion also supports branching and merging, allowing developers to work on different versions of a project simultaneously. This is particularly helpful when working on complex features or bug fixes that require separate development efforts.

In conclusion, Subversion is a powerful version control system that enables efficient collaboration and tracking of changes in software development projects. Its features like revision history, branching, and merging make it an essential tool for developers.